Doom print series by Jonathan Wayshak by GODMACHINE

18” X 24” Prints, numbered editions of 333. 

50 of each will be available from Thursday, 1st August 2013, at Quakconbooth #404. Remaining prints will be available on line, Friday August 16th, HERE. 


Optimus & Megatron by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

18” X 24” Optimus Prime screen print with metallic ink layer, numbered edition of 50.

Part of the Bleeding Metallics art show, opening August 2nd 2013, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

The previously released, companion screen print, Megatron, is also still available HERE. 


Nosferatu by Brandon Schaefer / Tumblr / Twitter

Screen print available at the FrightFest 2013 film festival which opens August 22nd ending on the 26th. Available online from FrightFest Originals soon, via random sale announcement on their twitter, HERE.

Keep The Skies Clear by Chris Brake

Screen printed with metallic red and gold ink. Part of the Bleeding Metallics art show at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

The Devil’s Backbone by Guy Davis / Tumblr & Cronos by Mike Mignola.

18” X 24” screen print, numbered edition of 210 & 185 respectively. On sale Wednesday 31st July 2013 from Mondo. For the random announcement follow their twitter, HERE.