The Map Room by JC Richard

36” X 12” 8 color screen print, S/N edition of 200.

On sale September 20th-21st, 2014, at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX.

The Line It is Drawn art challenge places superheroes in commercials this week on CBR. My favs are above, but you can check out the full selection HERE.

Wolverine for Band-Aid by Fernando Pinto

Galvatron for Coca Cola/Aquaman for Fish sticks by Xum Yukinori

Professor X for Gillette by Nick Perks

Iron Man for Jim Beam by Mathieu Parent

Akira by Jimmy Giegerich / Blog / Tumblr

18” X 24” 4 color screen print, S/N edition of 75. Available to pre-order unit Sept 17th, 2014, from Pizza Party Printing HERE.

The Gate by Delicious Design League

24” X 36” 9 color screen prints, S/N regular edition of 81 and variant edition of 12. Available HERE.

Man Not Do This by Glen Brogan / Tumblr

8” X 10” Giclee print, S/N edition of 50.

Part of the joint art shows, featuring new works by Russ Moore and 100% soft. Opening Friday, September 12th, 2014, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

What’s in the Case? by Doaly / Facebook / Store

Artist’s note: “My piece for the 20th Anniversary of Pulp Fiction, “What’s in the Case?”. I’ve added small details to the combination locks to show the year and anniversary of the film”.

World Premier Exclusive First Look!!!

Marvel Masks by Jason Liwag  / Facebook / Tumblr

5” X 5” mini giclee print series, limited editions of 25 each. Three different sets will be available, two at Jason’s booth alongside JC Richard and another exclusively at the Phone Booth Gallery booth.

On sale September 20th-21st, 2014, at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX. 

A very small quantity will also be held back to be made available online shortly afterwards direct from Jason’s store, HERE.

Ukiyo-e Heroes Gaming Portraits by Jed Henry / Tumblr / Store

13.5 x 17cm wood block prints. Part of the 12 piece Ukiyoe ‘Heroes Portrait’ subscription series. Available HERE.