Troll Hunter by Chris Weston / Twitter

24” X 36” screen prints, regular edition of 145 and variant edition of 70. Available October 21st, 2014, between 3pm & 8pm EST, HERE.

Rumble in R’lyeh by Chet Phillips / Store

Part of the “Icons of Horror: A Haunted Portrait Show,” in cooperation with Blood Over Texas & Gore Noir Magazine, opens October 31st, 2014, at Guzu Gallery.

All artwork available online 12pm CST, November 3rd, 2014, HERE.

Destiny prints by Jaime Jones/Bungie

18” X 24” giclee prints and 12” X 18” S/N lithography print, edition of 150. Available HERE.

Alien Series by Matt Soffe / Blog / Tumblr

14” X 20” prints, S/N editions of 50. Available HERE.

Katamari of Time by Jimmy Giegerich / Blog / Tumblr

Those crazy cats over at Pizza Party Printing currently have this awesome Katamari Damacy and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time mash-up T-shirt on sale for half price HERE

Infiltrator by Joshua Shackleford

12” X 16” giclee print, numbered edition of 50. Available HERE

Part of the film director tribute art show, Imagined Worlds II, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook. All artwork available HERE.

Ivy la Danaide by Lisa Schwictenberg

18” X 24” acrylic on canvas painting. Part of the CBFU charity art show, and available on ebay HERE.

Artist’s notes: “I find Poison Ivy a tragic villain, more than most. Her kiss is poison, her image overtly sexual. She is the definition of the femme fatale, but where does that leave her? Alone. I humanized rather than sexualized her as a subject deviating from her traditional representation.”