Submit something, whatever you like, and I’ll happily feature it on my blog…within reason.


1. Specify if this artwork is your own or something created by another person and you’d simply like to share it and see it here.

2. Give as much information as possible about the piece your submitting and the artist. Include any web links and source info relevant to the submission.

3. Please don’t send “reblog” links to pages I should go visit. This is for submissions only so please only submit actual art, videos, etc. I won’t be posting any link submissions to go to another source to see a post somewhere else. If you want to do that then simply send it to me in a message via the ask button.

Thanks for the submission and thanks for reading these guidelines. I’m pretty easy going so submit whatever you want, but if I’m really not feeling it or I feel it isn’t appropriate for the blog I reserve the right to reject the submission and it won’t be published.

Sorry, thems the breaks kiddo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When submitting images be sure to select submit a photo by pressing the small downward point arrow at the end of the text post option. This will open a drop down menu where you can select to submit an image. Many Thanks.