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Awesome entries into the DC Movie Poster Contest currently running over at Superpunch.

Plastic Man, Starro, Medphyll & Darkseid by Gary Jin

Mad Love posters by Shawn Wolowicz

Mystery in Space by Robert Rath

It’s Thursday, which means it’s once again time for CBR to present another awesome edition of The Line It Is Drawn. This week’s subject, as tribute to Ray Bradbury who sadly passed recently, is Comic Characters in Sci-Fi Stories and once more it is filled to the brim with absolute epic win. This post was very nearly double the size as I had so many favourites, so please make sure you check out the rest out HERE.

Deadpool vs. Predator by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Superman and his Android Super Family by Nick Perks

Adam Strange & Flash Gordon by Bill Walko / Website

Ultron/Marvin the Paranoid Android by John Trumbull