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The Venture Bros/Star Wars Mashup by PJ McQuade / Store / Website / Tumblr

13” X 19” giclee print, S/N edition of 50. All prints also come with a Venture Bros. 4” water proof sticker of your choosing. Available HERE

Stickers are also sold separately HERE, or as a complete set HERE.

Vento Cremisiby Filippo Morini / Store

Artist’s Note: “Imaginary box art for officially licensed Porco Rosso game for Sega Genesis. Screenshots of what the actual game would look like? HERE.

T-shirts available for 24hrs only HERE.

Created and Submitted by: Filippo Morini

Voltron by by Vincent Rhafael Aseo / Tumblr / Store

18” X 24” numbered giclee prints. Regular Edition of 175, metallic ink variant edition of 50 and metal edition of 10. Available 12pm EST Wednesday, September 10th, 2014, from Acid Free Gallery, HERE.

Sea, Moon & Stars by Ale Giorgini / Store

12” X 18” Giclee print, numbered edition of 20.

Part of the Popeye tribute art show, “Strong to the Finich!”, opening September 5th, 2014 at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.