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Robotnik Anti-Hedgehog Battle Mecha by Aaron Klopp / Tumblr

3 color screen print, edition of 50. Part of the “8-Bit & Beyond 2" art show opening August 8th, 2014, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

Ghost in the Shell by Kilian Eng / Tumblr

24” X 36” screen print, numbered edition of 325. Available first from the Mondo's booth, #835, at SDCC 2014. For more updates on releases follow them on twitter HERE.

Nideggen by AJ Masthay / Tumblr

12” X 23” 6 color linoleum block print, SN edition of 25. Available HERE.

Part of the Gojira art show at Blunt Graffix / Tumblr.

Maniacal by Dave Correia / Tumblr - 16” X 20” print, S/N timed edition.

Joking Aside by Jon Wayshak / Tumblr - 20” X 16” print, S/N edition of 50.

Part of the Comic-Con exclusive prints available from Zero Friends, booth #5502, at SDCC.

Prints are also on-line, simultaneously with Comic Con, from July 24th until 28th 2014, HERE.

Frankenstein Print Suite #3 (Click for Titles) by Bernie Wrightson

20” X 30” S/N 7 screen prints in matching numbered editions of 50. Available 2pm CST Thursday, July 24th 2014, from Nakatomi IncHERE

The 7th print in this series, “Alone”, is a previously unpublished work, not included in the original series and never before released as a print. 

The Joker by Jason Edmiston / Website / Facebook

18” X 24” screen print, S/N edition of 225. Available from Mondo's booth, #835, at SDCC 2014. For updates on releases follow them on twitter HERE.

Part of the 75 Years of Batman art show, coming October 24th, 2014 to the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr.

Adventures in Bran-Sitting by Dennis Salvatier / Tumblr / Store

14” X 18” Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas

Part of the “Fantasy in the City" art show, at Ltd Art Gallery / Tumblr

Created and Submitted by: Dennis Salvatier

Victor & Green by Michael Latimer / Tumblr

Individually unique, hand painted with acrylics and spray paint. S/N limited editions of 20 on the Hulk, and 10 on the Doom. Available HERE.

The Iron Giant by Jason Edmiston / Website / Facebook

Used to create the free paper mask which is available from Mondo's booth #835, at SDCC 2014.

Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm Print Series by Alex Ross

Giclee prints in limited editions of 168. Part of the Comic-Con exclusive range of prints on sale at Acme Archives, booth #5629, at SDCC.

Remaining prints will be available online from July 28th 2014, HERE.

SDCC Exclusive Bunnywith prints by Alex Pardee / Blog / Tumblr

Part of a new set of Comic-Con exclusive Bunnywith prints that will be available from Zero Friends, booth #5502, at SDCC.

Prints will also be on line, simultaneously with Comic Con, from July 24th until 28th 2014, HERE.