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Sean Phillips: Grifter

Easily one of my favorite shots of Grifter. Absolute bad ass.

Viewing episode 1 season 4 of Californication, I’ve discovered we’ve missed a season. Unfucking believeable.

Lemmy documentary is absolute essential viewing. An utterly amazing life chronicle of a living legend. Not only was it enlightening and informative, but it has major re-watchability. The interactions and admirations from other rock legends really added a weight to their love and respect for the Killmeister himself.

Plus, this isn’t just a film for die-hard Motorhead fans only either. Not at all in fact, it’s just a simple and engaging piece serving up a slice of rock history at as close a level to it’s subject matter as you could hope for.

Get it watched.

Breaking the Fourth Panel: Neonomicon and the Comic Book Frame (1 of 2)

An analysis of Neonomicon #1 (Moore, Burrows), developing into a broader analysis of framing in the medium as a whole.

Police Tell Phoenix Jones To Stop After Nose Broken 

Bleeding Cool has covered the activities of Seattle’s lead real life superhero Phoenix Jones in detail before. Indeed, just last week I had a long conversation in the pub with a Millarworld moderator over the likelihood he might he invited to appear in Kick Ass 2.

But on Saturday, Phoenix Jones had more pressing matters to deal with. On Saturday, breaking up a fight, he called 911 and put one of the men in a headlock. But before police arrived, another man pulled a gun on Phonenix. Letting go of his captive, the first man kicked him in the face, breaking his nose.

Oh, for an adamantium-laced septum.

Police have repeated calls that Phoenix Jones and others cease their costumed antics.

And here’s a great message board report of the man in action.

So I was sitting at home the other night minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear a large commotion happening outside my building. I live in a pretty shitty area so this isn’t that out of the ordinary but I still always like to watch. Two cars full of guys are brawling in the middle of the street when all of a sudden out of nowhere this dude in a black rubber suit with a tazer night stick thing comes up and starts laying the smack down. He didn’t really kick their asses or knock anybody out but he caused enough disturbance to make these guys leave. It was unreal.

(Via Seattle PI)

Mighty Skullboy has his eye on you.

The only thing that can stop a Norris round house to the head. Chuck Norris Earings baby!!!!!

Chuck Norris Earrings -

Hopefully, fingers crossed, Rhys Cooper’s CRITTERS poster from Mondo Tee which I ordered for Andrea at Christmas has arrived the morning. Cool.

If not it’s my Punisher Original comic artwork which I won on ebay recently.

Rob and Big is just too awesome to forget.

Rob and Big is just too awesome to forget.

Nah, you just missed it, but there should be another catbus along in about 5mins.