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Gimme Some Sugar, Baby!!

Insanely bonkers, yet utterly brilliant Japanese poster for Evil Dead 3


I awake to find James Rheem Davis has released a very limited, tasty new print for a screening of The Evil Dead 2…

Regular edition is a run of 87, with 5 colours, 24” x 36”, and features the purple shirt. 

The Variant edition includes a metallic silver inked shirt with glow in the dark inks throughout. Limited to just 25. Naturally, the price is a little higher, but the sex is a little deeper.

EVIL DEAD 2(Exit through the Tool Shed) Poster by Iron Jaiden.

"A friend of mine asked if I’d make a poster for the film ‘Evil Dead 2’. At the time the street art documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ was playing at a local theater. Knowing my friend’s affinity for street art it seemed appropriate to attempt a mildly clever mash-up of the two films. 
It was a success and the “client” loved the final result.”

The Evil Dead (Dusk Edition) Print by Dan Mumford

9-Colour Silkscreen print of only 100 Pieces. S/N by the artist, 18” x 24”

Now that’s a hell of a print, LOVE IT!

The Evil Dead (Ninth Circle sub Variant) by Jay Shaw aka Iron Jaiden 

18” X 24” 2 colour screen print. Edition of 100. Regular edition produced for Evil Dead: The Musical. Available from Friday 13th January 2012 HERE.