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Gran Torino by  / Store

12 colour print in various sizes. S/N editions of 100, available HERE.

This week’s The Line It is Drawn over at CBR, pays a mash-up tribute to the recently passed Tony Dezuniga, creator of Jonah Hex amongst others. Here are my personal favs from this week’s stellar offerings. Peep the rest HERE.

My Little Pony x Jonah Hex by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Jonah Hex x Gotham by Gaslight by John Trumbell

Clint Eastwood x Jonah Hex by Josh Gowdy / Tumblr

Hellboy x Jonah Hex by Axel Medellin

Pink Series 2 by Scott Scheidly / Facebook

5 new portraits in the Pink series are set to debut at the Scope Art Fair in Miami next week. As before, the series is proudly presented by Spoke Art / Tumblr.,