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Meet Mathilda! Bayonetta’s pointy nippled successor from developers Platinum Games and Sega. She’s the new heroine of “Max Anarchy” due on PS3 and 360 later this year. I’m saying nothing…

Fight of The Fallen by Daniel Conway. Beautiful concept art for a troubled game.

Bionic Commando was a total guilty pleasure for me when I played it on PS3. The first 3 or 4 levels are a dire mess of junk and virtually unplayable. However, once you’ve braved past those and your annoyance leveles have returned to normal the rest of the game is magnificent and a hell of a lot of fun. I picked it up brand new from HMV for £3 I think so it was an absolute bargain and I still have it.

There are some fantastic free roaming moments which have you swinging from ruined skyscrapers before landing in desolate cityscapes that are simply breathtaking. Plus, there are one or two moments where the vistas on display, coupled with the soothingly atmospheric tunes, really invoked moments of tranquillity and delight in me. Not something you usually expect from an action game.

As I say, most reviewers destroyed this game as it starts so horribly. Poor design, an awful buggy camera and just straight up dumb annoying game play are all present to start. Once your past that though the game’s stunning and by no means is it an easy breeze through either. It is however, very satisfing.

I recommend it whole heartedly. Have patience and perceiver, your efforts are rewarded greatly and you’ll be delighted you did. I was.

Still not sold? Take a look at the art source link and you’ll find location concept art as well. These locations are present in the game and recreated perfectly for your heroic interaction.

Ultra Combos #3 (Final Round) 

I have previously blogged the other videos in this series and it seems they just released a new one. Again, these are really pretty cool little vids of people acting out Street Fighter fights for real, including ultra combo action!!! This one features one such awesome combo towards the end. It is EPIC!! Go on, you’ll smile or your money back.

Mech your mind up, with this little peek.

Hawken trailer for unnamed and unannounced new FPS Mech title from Adhesive Games. This actually looks pretty damn decent for such a tiny game studio. 

"All clips in this video were captured from actual network game matches. The third person shots are from a spectator camera, gameplay is first person. We expect to release a first person gameplay trailer soon".

Street Figter #6 Cover by Alvin Lee, colors by Arnold Tsang