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Noroi: The Curse

So this afternoon I finally got around to watching Noroi: The Curse, a film which I’d heard about a while ago. It was release back in 2005, but I’d never managed to track down until a few days ago when I stumbled across it by chance. I’m glad I remembered it when I saw it as it turned out to be pretty damn good horror flick.

The basic premise is that of a shaky cam style documentary following a paranormal investigator and his camera man who together make videos about their investigations into the weird and unknown. Simple. Except that through the course of the film, their investigations take them into areas of EVP’S, Ghosts, animal mutilations, mass suicides, Clairvoyance, possessions, kidnappings, materialisation, murder, arson, demonology, ancient tribes, rituals, folklore and crazy people with tin foil on their heads. What’s great is that all these aspects play a part in setting up a bigger story which only revealed at the end, but they are all brilliantly utilized to amp up the tension from one scene to the next.

First off, this isn’t a mildly scary, jump filled gorefest J-horror like we’ve grown to expect. This is actually an unusually long, nearly 2hrs, complex movie that will creep you out off your skin leaving your nerves pretty much shredded. It’s an old fashioned horror movie I guess, but it’s told using the genre’s modern methods. This is a hand held camera, fake documentary type flick after all, but it’s way ahead of the likes of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity as it’s chills are deeper and it’s characters way more believable. I’d say it’s closer to Lake Mungo or District 9 if anything as it cleverly weaves it’s tale in an unsuspecting and yet logical manner. 

What’s weird is that it actually feels quite slow in retrospect, but it’s actually pretty fast paced throughout. I think it seems that way as there’s so many different, seemingly unrelated things happening, that you get carried along pretty swiftly. That’s definitely one of it’s strengths though as it sets you on an unpredictable path that’s never boring for a moment.

Although it is a slow burner at times, the tension is always there and it’s always building, steadily and magnificently until your screaming for air. There’s always something weird or slightly jarring about something that you just can’t pin point. That is until the final act. 

Without giving anything away either, the end is pretty amazing when you step back and soak it up. This is no let down ending which we’ve come to expect from most horror movies today. This is a skilfully, satisfying ending that concludes enough so you can draw breath again. There is some slight suggestion leaving one or two threads open, but it’s necessary. It also enables a secondary concluding piece of evidence which grants you an even more terrifying insight just when you think your safe and you’ve seen it all. 

Very satisfying and very creepy. The acting and direction are all totally believable and as good as anything else you hold in high regard. I’d recommend watching in the dead of night as well if you really want total immersion and maximum creeps. A damn fine horror film if you can find it. 

First look at the wrap cover to Crossed: Psyhcopath #4 by David Lapham and Raulo Caceres.

Eye catching poster art for Swedish horror flick, “Marianne”, harkens back to old skool design style. Looks rad. 

Dread Central

Four Spanish Posters For The Skin That I Inhabit.


El Deseo have released four new macabre posters for The Skin That I Inhabit.

Directed by Pedro Almodovar (All About My Mother), The Skin That I Inhabit is inspired by the novel Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet, and stars Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes, Jan Cornet, Roberto Álamo and Blanca Suárez.

The Skin That I Inhabit, which was recently acquired by Sony Pictures Classics, is tipped to take a competition slot at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and tells the story of Mygale, a doctor who will either be getting revenge on the men who raped his daughter, or a doctor who is creating a skin with which he could have saved his wife who died in a car accident years before. There are too many sources equally spouting both of those synopses that it’s impossible to tell which is right. However, the book by Thierry Jonquet is about the latter so expect that.


I awake to find James Rheem Davis has released a very limited, tasty new print for a screening of The Evil Dead 2…

Regular edition is a run of 87, with 5 colours, 24” x 36”, and features the purple shirt. 

The Variant edition includes a metallic silver inked shirt with glow in the dark inks throughout. Limited to just 25. Naturally, the price is a little higher, but the sex is a little deeper.

Werewolf, ghosts, eyeballs and pumpkin cupcakes made by my fiancee last Halloween.

I made the Alien chest buster one in the bottom right.


One of my favourite Crossed covers!

Indeed, there are some truly wonderful Crossed covers out there. That fabric is pretty dope. One of my favourite comics.