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CBR's awesome art challenge, The Line It is Drawn, comes off the top turnbuckle with a loving wrestling themed tribute to the Ultimate Warrior this week. My favorite pile driving comic book mashups are above, but you can check out more slobber-knockers HERE.

Macho Man Randy Cyclops by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

They Live/Secret Invasion Mash-up by Paul Hostetler / Website / Blog

Hulk Hogan Joins Hulk & Agents of S.M.A.S.H. by Rachel Ordway / Tumblr

Randy Savage vs. Spider-Man by Derek Langille / Tumblr

Ultimate Warrior vs The Champion by Brendan Tobin

Ultimate Warrior vs. Kalibak vs. Ulik the Troll by Nick Perks

Fuck Your Couch, Charles by Mikeatron / Tumblr / Store

11” X 14” giclee print, S/N edition of 30. Available HERE.

Part of the comic inspired art show ‘MINTcondition: Issue 3’, at Ltd. Art Gallery / Tumblr

The Line It is Drawn art challenge tackles Internet Memes this week over at CBR. My picks are up top as usual, but there are plenty more comic style memes to enjoy, HERE.

Scumbag Steve Rogers by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Dramatic Squirrel Girl by David Branstetter

Trollface Bizarro by David Branstetter

O RLY? Owl Man by Nick Perks

Most Interesting Man in the World by Paul Hostetler / Website / Blog

Keep Calm and…Batman  by Mathieu Parent

Batman & Robin Meme by David Branstetter

Philosoraptor Devil Dinosaur by David Branstetter

Overly Attached Harley Quinn by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

One Does Not Simply…Joker  by Paul Hostetler / Website / Blog