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Lone Wolf and Cub by Tomas Overbai / Tumblr

11” X 17” 2 colour screen print, S/N edition of 50. Available via Rosebud Twelve / Tumblr, on 19th January 2013 from 19.00pm to 21.00pm HERE.

Ball or Sword by David Moscati / Tumblr / Store

18” X 24” 4 color screen print, edition of 65. Part of the comic inspired art show ‘MINTcondition: Issue 2’ at Ltd. Art Gallery / Tumblr.

"Today I will begin walking the road to hell, but you will choose your own path. So, soon you may be seeing heaven. Choose the sword, and you will join me. Choose the ball and you join your mother, in death. You don’t understand my words, but you must choose. So, come boy, choose life or death."