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kenmarco asked:

Hi, many thanks for the message and glad to hear you enjoy my post selections. Sincerely, thank you I really appreciate it.

This is an incredibly difficult question for me to answer without coming off like a total asshole, but here goes. I genuinely just browse the internet and randomly click links until i find something I like. Sorry i can’t be more specific, but that is literally what I do. I don’t go to any one specific place every time.

I’ve always done it this way as it keeps my posts pretty random and fairly wide in scope which is how I like to do things. In my opinion, it’s fairer to artists that way as I’ve no interests in playing favorites. I just post stuff I like, that’s it. The art is the most important thing.

Every post I make has a link to the artist and the source, so where I found it is right there on the post  A good starting point is to visit DeviantArt and work your way around until you find something you like and then go from there. Don’t blog what you think others will like, just blog what makes you happy, that’s how I do it.

Posting this publicly as I get this a lot, so I hope that’s cool? I honestly really appreciate the ask and thank you for the support. Forgive me if this wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but that’s how I find stuff to post.

2013 - Yearly review and my most popular posts.

Lotta blogging got done this year folks. I also made tons of stupid, unrealistic goals for XD this year and every single one of them got smashed to pieces. I even got a removal order from a major film studio, their error not mine, so I’m especially proud of that one.

Thank you all so much for following in 2013. I appreciate it, your awesome and I love you.

  1. December - Realistic Pokemon by Yuuki Morita - 8,164 notes
  2. November - The Doctors by Matt Ferguson - 100,898 notes
  3. October - Mortal Kombat Fighters by Gleb Sinyutkin  4,230 notes
  4. September - Little Video Game Books by Joey Spiotto  10,535 notes
  5. August - Little Cornetto Trilogy by Joey Spiotto  17,985 notes
  6. July - Tarantino Posters by Joshua Budich  12,158 notes
  7. June - DC/Marvel Mashups by Eric Guzman  20,479 notes
  8. May - Comic Book Cats by Jenny Parks  7,807 notes
  9. April - Blacksad by Juanjo Guarnido  11,514 notes
  10. March - STAR WARS 80’s High School by Denis Medri  20,718 notes
  11. February - Avengers Acura TL by Humberto Ramos  13,144 notes
  12. January - Gamer Girl by Samuel Deats  9,756 notes

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To every artist that’s been featured along the way, you are all amazingly talented people, it’s been an honour and a privilege to share your work so thank you. To everyone who has submitted art, and to those who’ve wrote in messages of support, I appreciate it more than you know so again, thank you very much.

Shout outs to my tumblr brothers and sisters that I’ve loved following in 2013. 

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A very humble thanks go out to all the websites, artists and galleries who reached out, featured my posts, became my friends and generally kicked ass in 2013. Thanks, it’s really meant a lot. 

io9Gallery Nucleus, Art V CancerSamuel Ho, Bottleneck GalleryPlanet-Pulp, Poster CollectiveJason LiwagNakatomi Inc, Crome Yellow, Strange Kids Club, Peter BreeseMick Minogue, Paul AinsworthDoaly, Spoke-art, The Geeky NerfherderQFSChrisIsaac Bidwell, The Fire Wire, Bruce Yan, Hero Complex Gallery, PJ McQuadeMondoStreets of BeigeGodmachine, Q POPg1988Patrick BallesterosBlurppy, Susanita’s Little GalleryAcidfree Gallery & Geek-Art

Apologies if I’m forgetting people, but thank you none the less.

If you want more posts from me you can also find me blogging over at HeroChanJust-Art and All-About-Villains. Plus, if your a real glutton for punishment you can also follow me on TwitterFacebook and now Instagram too.

All the best and have a happy 2014. 

2012 - My most popular posts.

You guys, yeah you the sexy, good-looking bunch reading this. Your awesome, thanks for following in 2012. I love you.

  1. December Harry Potter Poster Series - 22954 notes
  2. November Gotham City Sirens - 13035 notes
  3. October Squirtle Anatomy - 13439 notes
  4. September RugMonsters - 31865 notes
  5. August Bulbasaur Anatomy - 14698 notes
  6. July Gaming/Film Parody Posters - 14061 notes
  7. June The Dark Knight Makeup & FX - 5698 notes
  8. May Avengers Fantasy Redesign - 15553 notes
  9. April Just Like Us Series - 14819 notes
  10. March Mitch Hedberg - 62700 notes
  11. February 8-Bit - 2537 notes
  12. January The Synth Lord - 3793 notes
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To each and every artist who’s work I’ve featured along the way, you’ve all created awesome, wonderful, inspiring things which I’ve loved finding and sharing, thank you. 

Shout outs to my fav tumblr brothers and sisters that I’ve loved following in 2012. 

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Last, but by no means least, a very humble thank you to all those websites, artists and galleries who reached out, featured my posts, became my friends and generally ruled harder than all in 2012. Thank you, it’s really meant alot. 

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I’m sure I’m forgetting some people here too, so apologies if I am, but thank you none the less.

One final note to say I’ve got a bunch of exciting new things planned this year so keep ‘em peeled. A much improved site redesign is definitely coming soon, but there’s also a podcast in the pipeline and a bunch of other really cool things which hopefully your gonna dig alot.

If you’d like to see more of my posts, you can also find me contributing over at HeroChan, Just-Art and All-About-Villains. If your a real glutton for punishment you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook too.

Happy New Year folks! Here’s to 2013, and here’s to you! The best is yet to come.

I’m already crying so lets just get this done.

Above is my memorial tattoo for my wife who passed away on 1st Feb 2012 after a year long battle with cancer. She was 31.

I got it about 2 weeks ago by Sarah at Ashton Studio, with the main image based on a beautiful painting by Kevin Dart / Tumblr, called Off Duty Ninja. I’ve always loved this image, but after Andrea’s passing I knew instantly that I wanted it as a tribute to her.

She loved the original illustration as well, but to me it perfectly captures all the aspects of who she was and what it is I loved about her. She was a tremendously strong and inspirational warrior. She possessed unbelievable courage and strength, but she was also peaceful and calm whilst always being ready for battle at any moment. She was fucking incredible.

Incorporated into the surrounding frame are Hello Kitty, Totoro, Jack Skellington and Smiley the psychotic button, all of which were things Andrea loved and cherished dearly. The frame and shading are all finished, but I’ll be getting colour on the main Off Duty Ninja part next week. Everything on this tattoo has meaning for me, I even got it on her Birthday as a present to her. 

I love it. It looks way better than I’d ever imagined and it’s giving me a ton of strength and comfort. I know Andrea would have loved it too. 

My heartfelt thanks to Sarah for the tattoo and to Kevin for the emails of support, and for creating a wonderful piece of art. Eternally grateful dude. Thanks also to those on tumblr who knew of my situation and offered very kind words in support, I appreciate it tremendously. I’ve tried writing tribute posts to her before, but they just ain’t coming yet, so hopefully in time I’ll be able to.

2011 - My most popular posts.

2011 was easily the shittiest, hardest and most stressful year of my life and truthfully I’m glad to see the back of it. Personal issues aside though, I created my tumblr as an escape from all of that and a means to just switch my brain off for a bit and focus on something else. It’s turned into something I now love with a deep passion and honestly I doubt I’ll ever stop. 

This being my first blog of any kind I literally had no idea how addicted I was going to get. Seeking out art and other cool stuff and then sharing it has been so fulfilling and rewarding you’ve no idea. It’s helped me keep my sanity and happiness that’s for sure. Long story short, I’m having an absolute blast on tumblr.

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who’s checked out my blog, especially those who’ve enjoyed any of my posts over the past year. I’m hugely indebted to all who’ve helped in supporting my humble little blog all this time, and I’m also incredible thankful to all the artists I’ve featured along the way. You’ve each created awesome and wonderful things which I’ve loved finding and sharing, so thank you.

I also never expected to meet such incredibly nice and friendly people on here either. Bloggers and followers, from all walks of life, who’ve taken the time to say hi and get to know me a bit. I appreciate every single one of you believe me.

All that being said, I gotta give some shout outs to people that I’ve enjoyed following in 2011. LuluBonanza, PosterocalypseHeyOscarWildeIanBrooks, PowerdrainHelloZombieTowritelesbiansonherarmsSpokeArtGeeksngamer,  ElyshatheriddellNerdcandyCapnTripsInsanelyGamingTotalFilm,  CromeyellowwebFanaticalmindKoldunkislotydcwomenkickingass,  masterofkarateandfriendship, iamthedeadpool, TheFrogMan, JuliaSegal, TheStray, JoshuaOwen, AssortedGoodness8bitmonkey.

You guys all killed it dead this year and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m missing a ton of people off as well so please don’t feel bad, if I’m following you I love you. :D

So then, finally here’s my list of most popular posts for the year, and here’s to an incredible year ahead. All the best guys, it’s always a pleasure.

  1. December The Scream of Grim - 3722 notes
  2. November The Blues Brothers - 5277 notes
  3. October Batman Begins Concept Art - 6427 notes
  4. September The Big Lebowski Portraits - 1489 notes
  5. August Poison Ivy Vs. Batman - 1238 notes
  6. July Batman - 19889 notes
  7. June The Goonies - 4169 notes
  8. May Snap - 1009 notes
  9. April Alfred You Are The Best - 713 notes
  10. March Shing - 1172 notes
  11. February Lego Totoro Mosaic - 146 notes
  12. January Legend of The Golden Wii - 275 notes

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This is what the backlogged reading pile next to my bed currently looks like. It’s been steadily accumulating since January, which coincidently is around the same time I started on tumblr. Hmmm…..curious.

Holy Hellfire and Brimstone…

WTF!! I just discovered that slashfilm featured my blog a few weeks back with my Goonies Set Pic post!!! I’m utterly stunned, they even threw up a link to my page as well.


Normally my cat, Azumi, sleeps by my side most nights. Tucked up in my armpit, truth be told, kinda gross, but it’s warm I guess.

A Couple of nights ago though she went for broke and attempted a full on face hugging sleeping position. Whiskers up my nose and mouth was not fun or comfortable, but I felt the love and so left her be.

Thankfully, it didn’t last too long before normal napping formation was resumed.

Andrea’s eyeball bracelet. Too much or not enough?

Getting my feet done. It’s a bit fishy to be honest.

About to paint a ceiling right now, so went in search of suitable decorating attire and found this.

I’ve not worn it in about 20yrs. It’s a bit raggedy and a tad creased, but you know.. Weapon X.

Signing off now, but before I go a picture of some random graffiti I passed on my travels today.

Not artistic enough to have a cool tag? Quote Kevin Smith and it will appear on tumblr. Lol.

Just came home to discover Andrea has made this awesome cushion out of a 2000AD Judge Dredd T-shirt which was too big and therefore never worn. Outstanding recycling of a killer print, damn comfy too!!!