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This is by far the craziest footage I’ve seen of the tsumani in Japan.

Nicolas Cage Bailed Out of Jail By Dog the Bounty Hunter

Here’s a thing that makes sense: Dog the Bounty Hunter, of the eponymous TV show, bailed Nic Cage out of jail following his arrest in New Orleans this weekend. Dog posted the $11,000 bail on Saturday morning. He told E!, “I am a truly dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client as I wish to respect his privacy. I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show. This is what I do for a living.”   Read More

Seriously? I feel like I’m being Punk’d, but it’s a the best one ever. Is Hangover 3 shooting already or something. LoLZ

Suicide Boy Saved by Stranger’s Kiss

A boy threatening to throw himself to his death has been rescued by a girl who tricked bystanders into thinking she was his girlfriend so as to get close, at which point she embraced and kissed him, allowing his rescue.

 Chinese media reports the 16-year-old boy mounted a Guandong province pedestrian bridge, intending to cast himself off and to his death.

Witnessing this, a 19-year-old woman told bystanders she was in fact his girlfriend, and was allowed to approach the suicidal lad in order to talk him down. The pair had never met before.

Rather than a lengthy remonstration with the agitated boy, she soon opted for a more direct approach, embracing the boy and kissing him.

The pause allowed rescue workers to rush forward and drag him to safety, ending the drama.


The boy’s suicidal impulse is said to have stemmed from family troubles – divorced parents, a sickly elder sister and withdrawal from school all contributed to his low spirits, it is said.

The Chinese media and Internet has feted the young woman, who works the front desk at a local hotel, for her bravery and initiative. She only says she “wanted him to recognise the foolishness of his act, as I’ve done foolish things myself.”

Great story, but I’m laughing and I don’t know why. It’s not a funny subject at all, but the comments below this piece at the source had me cracking the fuck up.

Los Angeles, 29th November 2004.

Godzilla Gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

"50 years after he stomped onto movie screens and hours before the premiere of his latest film, "Godzilla: Final Wars", Godzilla received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Producer Shogo Tomiyama appeared at a ceremony outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where the 2,271st star is located, and tripped the light fantastic with the big lizard in celebration.

"I’m here representing Godzilla. Unfortunately, he cannot speak English," he said. "We’re very excited he is being honored in America."

"Godzilla reacted violently to the presence of the paparazzi."

Look at the stance on the big guy, it’s EPIC!! He may hate the paps, but it looks like he loves a good interview. Man he looks happy!!!!!!