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Picked this up about 15years ago. It’s from an old Classic X-men issue 36 drawn by John Bolton. Vintage.

Back on March 20th I created a post suggesting it would be a great fund raising idea, to aid Japan, for an artist to auction off a complete comics worth of art. I thought it could potentially raise a lot of urgently needed cash, plus the lucky recipient would gain an awesome gallery of art. Well guess what, Mike Choi is a fucking BOSS!! That’s what.

Currently up on ebay is the fully complete 23 pages of original pencilled artwork for X-Force #26. A great issue to be sure, but also one of high historical significance as it depicted the death of Nightcrawler. Bidding is still open for another 2 days yet but already the lot has garnered 42 bids and is currently holding at $3,150.00.

Such an amazing thing to do, my hat’s off to Mike Choi for this amazing gesture for Japan and his fans. Spread the word.

I wonder if he got the idea from, naaahhhh probably not.

The Astonishing Assholes by Jorge Lacera, Carlos Villagra, Joe Karg, Chris Bivins, Adam Ford & Gavin Goulden.

"The Astonishing Assholes is a reinvention of the X-men. Young, jaded assholes that have no purpose but to listen to loud music and smash a few heads. They smoke, drink and fuck. Everything your normal teenager does."