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Pink Floyd/Marvel Parody Album Covers by Uwe De Witt

Division Bell / Doctor Doom

The Wall / The Thing

Animals / Human Torch

Dark Side of The Moon / Dr. Strange

Marvel Parody Album Covers by Uwe De Witt

World Coming Down / Galactus & Silver Surfer

50 Cent / Luke Cage

Born in the USA / Wolverine

Screaming for Vengeance / Warlock

Zombin Laden by Clement Deneux.

This is a faux poster and trailer entry into Panic Cinema’s short film contest in France. The trailer for Zombie Laden is HERE. It’s surprisingly well worth a look as it perfectly captures that old school cheesy, b-movie zombie flick vibe whilst remaining tongue in cheek funny. To check out some other entries into the contest, such as Smoking Kills and Elvis Against the Gestapo 3D click HERE.