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Whilst browsing on I came across this rather amazing poster by Rhys Cooper for the From Hell - London Tour. Glow in the dark horror.

Jin & Sun by Tara McPherson. Saw this and instantly loved it so purchased in December and had it framed almost instantly. It’s currently waiting to be hung though so need to get cracking. Absolutely beautiful. Features some amazing metallic inks which add depth to the drowned lovers. 

I have three Pieces by Tara Mcpherson now and they are all superb.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, Rhys Cooper’s CRITTERS poster from Mondo Tee which I ordered for Andrea at Christmas has arrived the morning. Cool.

If not it’s my Punisher Original comic artwork which I won on ebay recently.

Let Me In was actually really great. I love it when a remake makes me say that. 

Seems there is an optical illusion in the above poster. Hidden. It is there. If you can’t see it click to reveal below

“Let Me In” Illusory Poster Reveal

I do love the Olly Moss version though.

 EMEK’s Michael Franti poster goes on sale this Thursday at noon PST

It’s a beautiful thing.

This is the EMEK print I own. It’s above our fridge actually. Anyway it glows in dark and is rather rad.