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Fantastic Mr. Fox by Randy Ortiz / Store / Tumblr

Part of Spoke Art’s upcoming ‘Bad Dads’ tribute art show to the films of Wes Anderson.

I re-watched this last week and it’s still a magnificent little flick. Often overlooked, check it out if you get chance, it’s quite a gem.  

The Goonies by Randy Ortiz / Store / Tumblr

24” X 36” Screen print, numbered edition of 320. Sold at a special screening of The Goonies at The Alamo Drafthouse theatre in Kansas, in conjunction with Mondo / Tumblr. Remaining copies to be possible sold online at a later date.

Bloodsport by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

18” X 24” Screen print, numbered edition of 175. Available Oct 05th 2012 HERE. Part of the Official MGM cult classic film range being released by Skuzzles / Tumblr.

Bad Dads Wes Anderson Tribute Series by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr

18” X 24” Giclee prints. All have been part of the Bad Dads art shows held by Spoke Art / Tumblr. The Life Aquatic is this year’s lovely instalment to the series and will debut at the Spoke Art booth at New York Comic Con 2012 this weekend. Fantastic Mr. Fox print from the last Bad Dads show is still available HERE.

The Imprecation of A Nameless Obscenity by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

18” X 24” screen print, numbered Regular, Metallic Gold and Silver Metallic with Glow in the Dark inks editions of 50. On Sale 9AM PST Friday, March 1st right HERE.

A detailed interview, fantastic work in progress gallery and making of video can be found HERE.

Submitted by: Poster Collective / Tumblr

Army of Darkness by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

Unveiled at the Alamo Drafthouse screening of Army of Darkness, in association with Mondo / Tumblr

World Premier Exclusive First Look!!!

Harbinger of Everlasting Rot by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

18” X 24” 4 color screen print including Silver and Red Metallic inks. Numbered edition of 100. On Sale 2pm PST Wednesday, 22nd May, HERE.

As an added bonus Poster Collective will also be randomly including a few mystery prints with orders to celebrate their first year of successfully producing outstanding art for the masses

This might include anything from their store, possibly previously sold out prints and/or prints from their personal collections of awesome prints. It’s a win win in other words, making this an unmissable score folks.

Only God Forgives  by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

Produced in conjunction with AllCity Media and available soon to buy. For a chance to win a copy of this print early, keep an eye peeled on Shortlist’s twitter HERE, tomorrow Friday July 19th 2013.

Alien by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

24” X 36” screen print, numbered edition of 275.

On sale via Mondo at the 35mm screenings taking place Saturday and Sunday, October 26th/27th 2013, at The Ritz Alamo Drafthouse, Austin TX. Ticket info HERE.

Venom by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

24” X 36” screen print, numbered edition of 325. Part of Mondo's Black Friday items on sale Friday, November 29th 2013, between 10am until 12pm CST. Follow their twitter for the random on sale announcement HERE.

Welcome to the Jungle by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr / Store

24” X 36” screen print, numbered regular edition of 250 and variant of 125. Available between 1-2pm EST Tuesday, April 8th 2014 from Grey Matter Art, HERE.

Aliens & Gremlins by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr - 24” X 36” Editions of 350 & 290

Terminator 2  by Tom Whalen / Tumblr - 24” X 36” Edition of 425

Creepshow (Reg & Variant) by Ghoulish Gary Pullin / Tumblr - 24” X 36”

Creepshow (Reg & Variant) by Mike Saputo 18” X 24” - Editions of 300 & 150

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man by Elvisdead / Tumblr 16” X 36” Editions of 225 & 100

Limited edition screen prints on sale from Mondo at the Texas Frightmare Weekend, opening May 2nd to 4th 2014, at the Hyatt Regency DFW.

Tree Hugger by Mike Mitchell / Tumblr - Edition of 225.

Rocket Raccoon (Variant) by Kevin Tong / Tumblr - Edition of 150.

Groot by Randy Ortiz / Tumblr - Edition of 300.

Available first this Friday July 25th from the Mondo booth, #835, at SDCC 2014. For the latest release details follow them on twitter HERE.