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"This is a giant robot saga the same way Twin Peaks was a cop show.”

—Comic Buyer’s Guide

Mech your mind up, with this little peek.

Hawken trailer for unnamed and unannounced new FPS Mech title from Adhesive Games. This actually looks pretty damn decent for such a tiny game studio. 

"All clips in this video were captured from actual network game matches. The third person shots are from a spectator camera, gameplay is first person. We expect to release a first person gameplay trailer soon".

The EVA Watch Project. Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion’s robot designs for the EVA-01 and EVA-02 mechs, these watches are an instant need. I could never get away with wearing one, but they are supremely awesome and I want an EVA-W01 NOW.

Available to buy at the source, but they ain’t cheap.