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This is Some Bullshit!!! by r6d4

16” X 20” Stencil spray painted on stretch canvas, with wood frame. Available HERE.

Invasions in New York by Invader

8-Bit gaming mosaic tiles, currently ongoing in New York. Follow Invader’s instagram for the latest, HERE.


Black Sabbath ‘13’ Billboard Ad Campaign by McCann Copenhagen

"For the release of Black Sabbath’s first record in 35 years, we dug our way through many layers of music posters that cover our urban spaces to let people know that the group is back from the darkness."

"The installations were created in different sizes and shapes and we put them up at different poster sights in crowded areas of Copenhagen. We simulated the effect by gluing together layers of old posters and then carving out the holes by hand.”


Wario, Ali vs Ryu & Mario Gangster by Combo / Tumblr

Wario is 100 x 150cm and available as part of the ‘Press st’ART’ art show which opens in Paris tonight at La Galerie Des Autres.