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I started re-reading Crossed last night from Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. It’s as horrifying as I remember, but it’s also crazy good.

The opening issue is above and it is just a singular perfect set up issue. When the TV or movie comes out, this opening will blow minds and The Walking Dead will be a distant memory I’m sorry to say. The tension is amped up and doesn’t stop. Ever.

Read the free issue above and enjoy a damaged mind from here on out.

Last nights Community

Lets get into this shall we?

Are you fucking kidding me? Community is getting FUNNIER!!!! I didn’t think I could love this show with any more of a passion than I already do, but then last night’s episode happened. I’m now left LOLing all over my face and onto the internet.

Any show that can cameo Theo Huxtable, wearing his dad’s sweater, and then make reference to the fact is just flaunting it’s genius with absolute swagger.

Funniest show ever. Loving it hard.

Who’s with me? And if you ain’t with me then I will fight you.

Nothing but mindless dribble on TV, so back to tumblr.

Nothing but mindless dribble on TV, so back to tumblr.

Zombies of the Walking Dead by Danny Miller & Greg Nicotero

14” X 30” 7 Colour screen prints. Regular editions of 400 and silver variant editions of 75. Available from 20Eyes Collective this Sunday the 12th Feb 2012, after the premier of the second half of season 2 HERE.

Conan O’Brien “Be Cool my Babies!” by Jayson Weidel / Website

11” X 17” Giclee Print. Part of the upcoming ‘Is This Thing On? 2' art show at Gallery 1988.

American Horror Story by Daniel Danger

Part of the PaleyFest 2012 celebrations, featuring the best of the best in today’s TV shows.