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By Mark Harrison

Couldn’t find a title for it, so I’m gonna go with FUCKING EPIC!!!


To Hoth and Back, Spirit of ‘77 & They Were Expendable by Cat Staggs

Art Lithographs created for the Star Wars Celebration Events 2007. 

TIE Bomba Pilot & TIE Bomba by Jason Brashill

Acrylic and spray paint on Bristol board. Original signed and framed, Available HERE.

Darth Vader TIE Advanced by Tim Anderson / Store

12″ X 18″ 5 color screen print, 3 of which are metallic inks. S/N edition of 77, available Thursday 9-10am PDT, Sept 12th 2013, HERE.

Alliance is Rebellion by Scott Erickson / Tumblr

Limited edition prints and UV cured ink on stained and laquered oak wood available HERE. Gallery show opens tonight, October 15th, 2014, at Bombsheller Art Lab, Seattle. More info HERE.