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Star Trek Into Darkness by The Print Posse (#printposse)

Poster 1 by Rodolfo Reyes / Tumblr

Poster 2 by Joe Vetoe / Twitter

Poster 3 by Marko Manev  / Tumblr

Poster 4 by Marie Bergeron / Tumblr / Store

Poster 5 by Adam Rabalais / Store

Poster 6 by Fernando Reza / Tumblr

Poster 7 by Johnny Dombrowski / Tumblr,

Poster 8 by Matt Needle / Tumblr

Poster 9 by Tim Anderson / Blog

Poster 10 by Chris Garofalo / Tumblr

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Pacific Rim Poster Series Pt.2 by The Poster Posse

Poster 1 by by Paul Shipper / Store / Tumblr

Poster 2 & 3 by Patrick Connan / Tumblr

Poster 4 (Neon Hong Kong) by Samuel “Sho” Ho / Blog / Tumblr

Poster 5 by Erin Gallagher / Tumblr 

Poster 6 by Rodolfo Reyes / Tumblr

Poster 7 by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website

Poster 8 by Tim Anderson / Blog

Poster 9 by Matt Needle / Tumblr

Poster 10 by Peter Gutierrez Twitter

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Respect The Chemistry by Tim Anderson / Store

12” X 16” 2 colour screen print with glow in the dark Layer, S/N edition of 40. Print is now sold out, but a “Half Measures” print roughs AP’s are still available HERE.

Darth Vader TIE Advanced by Tim Anderson / Store

12″ X 18″ 5 color screen print, 3 of which are metallic inks. S/N edition of 77, available Thursday 9-10am PDT, Sept 12th 2013, HERE.

Slave I by Will AndersonTim Anderson / TumblrStore

12″ X 18″ 7 color screen print, featuring four metallic inks and one gloss layer. S/N edition of 65, random orders will also receive a special 6” X 9” Probe droid screen print for free. Available HERE.