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Nancy by James Stokoe

14” X 20” card stock print with metallic finish, S/N edition of 100. Available HERE.

Ivy la Danaide by Lisa Schwictenberg

18” X 24” acrylic on canvas painting. Part of the CBFU charity art show, and available on ebay HERE.

Artist’s notes: “I find Poison Ivy a tragic villain, more than most. Her kiss is poison, her image overtly sexual. She is the definition of the femme fatale, but where does that leave her? Alone. I humanized rather than sexualized her as a subject deviating from her traditional representation.” 

Previews from for the 75 Years of Batman art show, opening October 24th, 2014, at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr.

Catwoman by Craig Drake - 24” X 36” screen print, ed. of 175. 

The Riddler by Jason Edmiston - 18” X 24” screen print, ed. of 200.

Batman/Man-Bat Set by Alex Pardee - 24” X 36” screen prints, ed. of 200.

Heart of Ice by Phantom City Creative - 18” X 24” screen print ed. of 225.

Batman Begins by Kevin Tong - 18” X 24” screen print, ed. of 275.