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The EVA Watch Project. Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion’s robot designs for the EVA-01 and EVA-02 mechs, these watches are an instant need. I could never get away with wearing one, but they are supremely awesome and I want an EVA-W01 NOW.

Available to buy at the source, but they ain’t cheap.

ZOM BAG - Your Infection Friend by Reid Southen (Rahll)

Helping you fight infection from the zombie horde. Guaranteed to work, or your money back! Don’t leave home without it.

'spread your love' by hamed kohan from iran is one of the shortlisted design entries
from more than 3000 participants in our recent designboom competition,
'seoul cycle design 2010', organized in collaboration with seoul design foundation

the tire design features heart-shaped knobs that create playful tracks on the streets.
a series of corresponding bike racks are distributed throughout the city. 

designer’s own words:
'simple as love, strong as love.'