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The Legend of Zelda by David Moscati / Tumblr / Store

5” X 5” 2 color screen print. Follow David’s Facebook & Twitter for info on how you can grab one of these for free at Mondo-Con, opening September 20th-21st, 2014, in Austin, TX.

Vento Cremisiby Filippo Morini / Store

Artist’s Note: “Imaginary box art for officially licensed Porco Rosso game for Sega Genesis. Screenshots of what the actual game would look like? HERE.

T-shirts available for 24hrs only HERE.

Created and Submitted by: Filippo Morini

Man Not Do This by Glen Brogan / Tumblr

8” X 10” Giclee print, S/N edition of 50.

Part of the joint art shows, featuring new works by Russ Moore and 100% soft. Opening Friday, September 12th, 2014, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

Ukiyo-e Heroes Gaming Portraits by Jed Henry / Tumblr / Store

13.5 x 17cm wood block prints. Part of the 12 piece Ukiyoe ‘Heroes Portrait’ subscription series. Available HERE.