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This week’s ‘The Line It Is Drawn’, over at CBR, focuses on comic book dream casting. As always the quality is top notch, check out the rest HERE

Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly as Thor & Loki by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Bill Murray as Guardian of Oa by by Daniel James Cox / Blog

Bill Murray as Guardian of Oa by Cynthia Rodgers

Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman by Bill Walko

What if…Deadpool & Harley Quinn Had Children by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Part of this week’s The Line It Is Drawn’ art challenge, over at CBR. The subject this time is what would their kids look like, check out all the entries HERE

My favs from this week’s The Line It is Drawn over at CBR. The theme this week was The Great Powers Theft of 2012.

X-Men x TMNT by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Rick Grimes x Luke Cage’s Powers by Steven Howard

Punisher x Dazzler’s Powers by Sean Mcfarland

Squirrel Girl x The Infinity Gauntlet by Nick Perks

This week’s ‘The Line It Is Drawn’ art challenge just dropped over at CBR and it’s a doozy. As tribute to Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, this week’s theme is The Beastie Boys, comic book style. Check out all the other entries HERE

Catwoman in Body Movin’ by Nick Perks

Avengers in Whatcha Want by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Batman in Body Movin’ by Yukinori Xum

Adam Yauch vs X-Men in Fight For Your Right by Steven Howard

This week’s The Line It is Drawn over at CBR, pays a mash-up tribute to the recently passed Tony Dezuniga, creator of Jonah Hex amongst others. Here are my personal favs from this week’s stellar offerings. Peep the rest HERE.

My Little Pony x Jonah Hex by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Jonah Hex x Gotham by Gaslight by John Trumbell

Clint Eastwood x Jonah Hex by Josh Gowdy / Tumblr

Hellboy x Jonah Hex by Axel Medellin

Choice cuts as always from this week’s The Line It is Drawn over at CBR. Cross Company Team-ups was the subject this week so here are my favs, but peep the rest out HERE.

Wonder Woman and Hulk ABC TV movie by Daniel Cox

Apollo/Midnighter and Northstar! by Michael “Mic?” Magtanong / Tumblr

Popeye and Hourman by Nick Perks

Deadpool vs. Stormshadow and Snake Eyes by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

It’s Thurdsay so that means it’s time for the awesome The Line It is Drawn art challenge over at CBR. Alternate Reality Character Redesigns is the subject this week so here are my favs, but check the rest out HERE cos frankly they’re flippin’ awesome

Iron Man Created in the 1930’s by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Catwoman in H. R. Giger Design by Axel Medellin / Blog

The Avengers Designed by Mike Mignola by Phillip Sevy

The Goon Created by E. C. Segar by Josh Gowdy

It’s Thursday, which means it’s once again time for CBR to present another awesome edition of The Line It Is Drawn. This week’s subject, as tribute to Ray Bradbury who sadly passed recently, is Comic Characters in Sci-Fi Stories and once more it is filled to the brim with absolute epic win. This post was very nearly double the size as I had so many favourites, so please make sure you check out the rest out HERE.

Deadpool vs. Predator by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Superman and his Android Super Family by Nick Perks

Adam Strange & Flash Gordon by Bill Walko / Website

Ultron/Marvin the Paranoid Android by John Trumbull

It’s Comic books met Community this week on The Line It is Drawn over at CBR. Stunningly brilliant creations as always, but this week they are firing on all cylinders. Above are some of my favs, but honestly you have to check out the rest HERE. GO!

Senor Strange Chang by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Britta, Shirley & Annie as Birds of Prey by Cynthia “Thea” Rodgers / Tumblr

Troy, Abed & Annie as Invincible, Atom Eve & Omni-Man by Steven Howard

Dean Pelton as Plastic Man by Josh GowdyTumblr

'Comic Book Characters, Noir Style' is the subject this week on the awesome art challenge, The Line It is Drawn over at CBR. Top notch renditions as usual so here are my favs, but do check the rest HERE. Now get outta here kid, ya bother me see.

Spawn Noir by Phillip Sevy / Blog

Plastic Man Noir by Nick Perks

The Search for Zatanna’s Mother by Xum Yukinori

Transformers Noir by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr