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Dave White: Art & Street Fighter IV

Measuring 5ft x 4ft, Dave White’s huge rendition of Ryu (the main character in the Street Fighter series) was inspired by Dave’s love for Street Fighter and videogaming culture in general.

“For the past 18 years I have been playing Street Fighter in all its guises and versions,” says Dave White. “For me and millions of others it’s more than just a videogame, it’s a total obsession and way of life. Something more akin to the complex structure of chess, every match is different and every second offers chances and possibilities, risks and drama. That’s why I play.”

Ultra Combos #3 (Final Round) 

I have previously blogged the other videos in this series and it seems they just released a new one. Again, these are really pretty cool little vids of people acting out Street Fighter fights for real, including ultra combo action!!! This one features one such awesome combo towards the end. It is EPIC!! Go on, you’ll smile or your money back.

Street Figter #6 Cover by Alvin Lee, colors by Arnold Tsang