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Unleash your inner super hero and WIN one of two official Captain America Morphsuits with virtual super powers!

Coinciding with the Captain America: the Winter Soldier’s UK release today, Morphsuits are giving you two chances to win one of the most advanced pieces of costume engineering known to man.

Officially licensed from Marvel – the costume incorporates wearable smartphone technology and augmented reality to bring Captain America’s super powers to life, making it the most technologically advanced super hero costume on the planet. Take a look at how it works HERE

Also in the official Marvel range is: Spider-Man, Deadpool, Iron Man and Wolverine. You can take a look at the full range of superhero costumes HERE.

To enter all you need to do is reblog this post or retweet this message HERE and your entered. I’ll randomly select the winners at 12pm GMT Saturday 29th March 2014, and only UK residents are eligible to enter. Please have your ask button turned on so I can notify winners and please reply within 24hrs or I’ll draw a winner again. Good Luck.

Update: Contest over - winners have been selected and notified. Huge thanks to everyone who entered.


My blogging bros over at Streets of Beige have teamed up with yours truly to offer up a fantastically generous give-away featuring the awesome Eggman print from their 16Bit BRAWL art show. 

Eggman Industries (Red edition) by Chad Woodward is a 18”x 24” 3 colour screen print, S/N regular edition of 30.

All you have to do is reblog this post or retweet the message HERE, and your entered! Contest will run for five days ending Friday, March 28th 2014. Open worldwide so get in and get lucky. 

Make sure your ask button is switched on so I can contact you, and if randomly chosen, please reply back within 24hrs or I’ll redraw another winner.

Artwork and official show zine are available HERE, plus further info on the show can also be found HERE


5 Favorite Films of 1984 by Paul Shipper / Blog / Tumblr

11” X 17” Giclee print, limited edition of 10 and 18” X 24” open edition print also available at the show. 

Would you like to win one of the super limited edition of 10 prints all for yourself? Hell Yeah you would!! In that case simply reblog this post and your entered, that’s it!!! Retweet for another entry HERE.

A winner will be randomly selected and notified Monday, February 10th, so please have your ask box open so I can contact you if successful. Good Luck.

Part of the IT CAME FROM 1984 art show, opening Friday, February 7th 2014, at the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook

Online artwork sales will commence 12pm EST Saturday, February 8th HERE.

Update: Contest over & winner notified. Congrats to jedibusiness.


My blog hit a pretty staggering milestone a week ago and so as a massive thank you to all you awesome people it’s time for a monumentally epic giveaway!!

Seeing as Halloween is almost upon us and Godmachine is pretty much the unofficial patron saint of this blog, I’ve hooked up with the extremely generous Bottleneck Gallery to bring two of you lucky followers something pretty dang awesome.

First up, how does a #13 of Godmachine’s new “Don’t Fall Alseep”, Freddy vs Jason print sound? Kindly donated by Bottleneck the print goes on sale later today, Oct 29th 12 EST, HERE, but you could snag the coveted number #13 print out of a limited edition of 125, by entering the contest right now.

But wait, there’s even more!! How about the long sold out, Tetsuo Wins! print also by Godmachine. Part of Bottleneck’s Alternate Reality art show in 2012, this is my own pristine copy which I will happily send to you directly.

To enter all you need to do is subscribe to the blog and like or reblog this post. That’s it! You can also do both and double your chances so go nuts.

The contest will run for 48hrs at which time I’ll notify the randomly selected winners on Halloween night. 

Again, huge thanks to everyone who enjoys and subscribes to my little blog. You guys have no idea how happy you make me so sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your support, messages, submissions and what not, so it’s an honor to bring something like this to you guys. 

Big thanks to the mighty Bottleneck Gallery crew for coming up with such a rad prize as well. If you enjoy the type of content I regularly post, then i’d strongly urge you to check out their site as you’ll find a good chunk of it for sale there, head on over HERE,


Update: Winners have been selected and notified. Congrats to nordicbloodwolf & nymph-of-artemis and many thanks to everyone who entered.

The Art of Man of Steel and World War Z GIVEAWAY!!!

Titan Books have generously bestowed upon me some awesome prizes for you guys so lets get to it.

Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman - a unique companion book with concept art, behind-the-scenes photography, directors commentary and interviews.

The Official MoS Novelisation - by acclaimed tie-in writer, Greg Cox. ‘Nuff said.

World War Z: The Art of the Film - Features a wealth of stunning production art, design sketches and storyboards, alongside the full shooting script production.

The art books are simply stunning. Both have wonderfully textured covers, with the Man of Steel book also being a hardback edition. They are literally crammed with amazing production art and some truly fantastic insights into the making of both features.

The Art of WWZ is structured alot like a production diary, giving you detailed dissections of all the large set pieces from the movie, as well as the shooting script to compare and follow.

As you might expect, the Man of Steel book is nothing short of epic in every sense of the word. Containing beautiful art covering all the costumes, landscapes, vehicles, characters and production design. There’s also a fascinating in-depth look at the architecture and culture of Krypton. In short you need it.

If you’d like to be in with a chance at some of these goodie, Just reblog this post and your entered.

Two winners, one for the superman books and one for WWZ, will be selected via one week from today on Thursday 4th July 2013.

Please make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you if your a lucky winner.

If you’d like to buy a copy for your self, they’re both available now from Titan BooksHERE and HERE.

Concept art above by:

Man of Steel by Steve Jung, Peter Rubin & Christian Lorenz Scheure

WWZ Concept art by Kev Jenkins


In the course of researching this post I’ve discovered a couple of things.

Firstly, this book is regarded as something of an illustrator’s bible and very much sort after having been out of print for years.

Secondly, there’s an incredibly large portion of comic, poster and fine art Illustrators who are extremely vocal about the importance, fun nature and usefulness of this ‘How to’ classic by Andrew Loomis. It’s crossed my path at least a dozen or so times in the last 2weeks, in the most random of places and blogs whist I’ve been making my way round the net. 

Thirdly, I have a copy of the newly released hardback edition and I’m giving it away to one of you cool kids for free. Just reblog this post and your entered.

A winner will be chosen via on Saturday 20th April 2013, I’ll ship it worldwide and make sure your ask box is open so I can contact you if you win. That’s it, good luck. 

If you’d like to pick up a copy for your self it’s also available now from Titan Publishing, HERE.

I recently received a copy of Nick Cardy's The Artist at War, published by Titan Books in the UK.

For those unfamiliar, Cardy is a Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame inductee who produced iconic Silver Age cover art for DC comics’ titles such as Aquaman, Teen Titans, The Flash, World’s Finest, Superman, Detective Comics and Wonder Woman. After retiring from comics in the 70’s, Cardy moved to commercial art in the form of movie advertising, producing legendary one sheet posters for Apocalypse Now, Sonny Chiba’s The Street Fighter and a little film called STAR WARS!!

The book itself focuses on Nick’s Military career spanning 1943-1945 and collects his entire sketchbook entries along side commentary on the events he witnessed. Generally speaking World War II isn’t a subject I’m particularly fond of, but the lush watercolors and vivid pen and pencil illustrations really drew me in here. There’s some startlingly bleak wartime imagery depicted here within these pages and Nick’s style really does convey an aspect of the time and mood which is difficult to remain unaffected by. Relaxing moments of camaraderie whilst travelling between skirmishes are captured warmly, and scenes of battlefield horrors are portrayed with equal honesty. I enjoyed reading it a lot in all honesty as I found the sketchbook perspective really captivating and interesting. You really do get a sense of the journey Nick went on as a young soldier through his art and experiences.

The book itself is a 200mm X 302mm sturdy hardback edition with lovely gloss pages which present the art clearly for you to enjoy and absorb.

Available from Titan HERE, or Amazon HERE.

If you’d like to win a copy of the book, then simply reblog this post and I’ll select a winner in 7 days using a random generator site. I’ll ship worldwide so best of luck to those interested.

Update: Contest is over, winner has been notified. Thank you.